Charles D. Martinez, LSW, MSW

Meet the Founder

Charles D. Martinez is the Founder for H.O.P.E.-filled Soulution’s, LLC. Prior to founding HOPE in May 2018, he was the Social Services Director at Southwood Healthcare. In his position he reported to the Executive Director and oversaw community and SNF based behavioral health operations which included 120 beds. Mr. Martinez also has clinical experience in outpatient behavioral health care, brokerage of services, and comprehensive care planning that promote continuity of care. 

Charles received his undergraduate degree and Masters in Social Work at Indiana State University. Mr. Martinez holds a license to practice Social Work and has a certification in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) and Advanced Care Planning through the Indiana State Department of Health. 

Mr. Martinez identifies as a product of the Indiana Department of Child Services. Abandoned at 9 years old, Charles would go on to overcome severe physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. He uses his clinical knowledge and personal experiences to provide holistic healing to individuals facing mental health challenges. 

Charles shares that his personal mission is to empower 1 BILLION people in regaining their smile; not necessarily through direct contact rather vicariously through those he serves. 

        “[Fill in The Blank]; at that moment you became MORE!”

                                                                                                                                         -Charles M.


Heather Warner, LSW, MSW

Heather is the first therapist to join the H.O.P.E.-filled Soulution’s LLC to come on board alongside the Founder Charles D. Martinez to help expand availability of services to those in need. Prior to joining H.O.P.E.-filled Soulution’s LLC Heather worked as a Hospice Social Worker providing emotional support and community resources to terminally ill patients and their families. Heather also worked as a Social Services Assistant in an SNF setting helping with behavioral management and psychosocial needs of residents in a dementia care unit. Heather provided emotional support, assistance with advanced care planning and coordination of services to promote continuity of care in both the Hospice and SNF settings. Heather also has experience working with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence utilizing the DULUTH model and experience working with women struggling with addiction in a work release setting. Heather utilized both individual and group therapy modalities in these settings.

Heather received her undergraduate degree in Psychology at ISU in 2007 and her Masters in Social Work at IUPUI in 2015. Heather holds a license to practice Social Work in the state of Indiana.

Heather started a career in Social Work because when she was a child she saw so much hate, injustice, and sadness in the world. Heather wanted to understand why this was and was disturbed by it. Heather went out of her way to be friends with the children that had no friends or was hurting in some way. Heather knew since she was a child that everyone deserves a chance to be happy regardless of their circumstances and wanted to make it her mission to promote peace, love and happiness.

Heather was at a crossroads in her career when she discovered Charles, the Founder of H.O.P.E.-filled Soulutions LLC whom was literally right next door to her! Heather witness Charles work and immediately saw what a blessing of an opportunity it would be to join Charles on his mission to empower 1 BILLION people in regaining their smile.